Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Surprising Resources

One place many may not think to look but is actually a great but much more focused place to find good and interesting books to read is Target. They keep a fairly decent spread of everything from trashy romance novels, political books, cookbooks to New York Times bestsellers. And of the New York Times Bestsellers, they pick the ones best suited for the majority of people as they want to sell to the average joe walking from buying new headphones not college professors. I actually found my new favorite book there not too long ago. Though sorry boys, unfortunately Target seems to target women in their titles choices but there are still some pretty good options on the shelves for even the manliest of men. So next time you are short on time and need a new read, think about checking Target out. The smaller collection makes it easier to find something quickly rather than getting overwhelmed but the large, imposing, endless shelves of the regular bookstore.

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