Tuesday, June 22, 2010

That Old Cape Magic by Richard Russo (Random House)- New Release

New Release this month from Random House!
I ran across this ad while reading the New York Times this morning and decided to the read the excerpt provided.  While this book is probably not everyone's cup of tea, the writing really pulls you in.  In about three pages I learned the whole life story practically of the main character in a way that was so well integrated with the story I hardly noticed I was getting backstory.  By the end of the few pages I could see I was hooked and am now adding it to my summer reading list, so look out for a full review.  It is probably meant for the more literary of readers because the main character is a writer and college professor, a lifestyle not relatable for most people and there are some more obscure but humorous allusions already with promises for more.  It seems to contain some of that old world East Coast charm that us on the West Coast can only imagine since everything is only 10 years old practically in California.

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