Sunday, April 4, 2010


I'll go for a general recommendation since forays into Shakespeare's plays require similar amount dedication. While any of these plays will be well worth the effort, there are a few helpful hints I think you should try to make the plays more accessible. First and foremost, read the SparkNotes ahead of time! The biggest challenge with any books or plays from this time, especially Shakespeare, is the language barrier. Reading the plot and act summaries, and even scene summaries, will help you keep track of everything that is happening. And I promise this won't ruin the experience of reading the story. A second option is to watch a film version first. There are tons of adaptations, old and modern, (i.e ten things I hate about you) which can give you a great point of comparison. Then you can decide which version you like better. As with most books though, I generally thing the plays are the best the way they are.

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