Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stevie Wonder Tries to Bring Light to Those in the Dark

Yesterday, singer Stevie Wonder spoke to the UN's World Intellectual Property Organization to press them to alter copy right laws so that it is easier to make educational materials and books into audiobook formats to make these more readily available to the blind.  Right now it is extremely expensive to do so, limiting access for the blind in poor countries.  This is just one of issues that the World Intellectual Property Organization must deal with as there is a need to update copyright laws in general to catch up with all the new media which has been created in recent years.  The Internet in particular has caused many issues.  While Wonder is encouraging the organization to help with cheaper access he still recognizes ( considering his role as an artist) the need to protect the rights of the creators.  He jokingly urged his audience to seek a compromise or "I'll have to write a song about what you didn't do".   To read the source article please see the Huffington Post.

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