Thursday, September 9, 2010

Symbolic Fires

Historically, governments around the world have censured books and groups have repeatedly burned books they dislike even here in the United States.  One pastor in Florida, Terry Jones, is trying to continue the tradition.  Jones is organizing a protest for 9/11 which would include the burning of the Koran.  Government officials as high up as President Obama and Army General David H. Petraeus, the commanding officer in Afghanistan are pleading with Pastor Jones to rethink his actions.  This simple action could endanger relations between the US and Islamic countries as well as spark retaliatory acts against Americans.  It would be disrespect tantamount to burning the American flag, Bible, or Torah to many here in the US.  

It is interesting however, to see how the importance of the books plays everyday in the news, even is as large of issue as foreign affairs.  To many of us they are everyday objects thrown around the house scattered over tables and shelves.  For many others, books can hold historical, cultural, and religious importance and held in great esteem.  It is easy to forget in the US as well that although we live in the land of plenty, not just everyone has access to such objects in other countries or the ability to read them as most do here.

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