Monday, September 6, 2010

The Teen Blues

While much of the New York Times Sunday Review this week seemed to be dedicated to books which dwell on the past, Dan Kois brought a novel to our attention whose characters can only think about the present.  Kois effectively summarizes for the inquiring reader the layout of the land they would be exploring in Skippy Dies by Paul Murray.  One can only hope however, that Murray's novel will live up to the expectations that Kois sets up for readers.  From the sounds of the plot it can either be really great or horrifically bad.  One unique characteristic of the novel Kois remarks on that I'm glad to see an adult writer tackle is the issue of teen emotions and their importance as well as lack of maturity of the adults surrounding those teens.  Overall sounds to be an interesting addition to anyone's reading list.

Click here to read the original review: Ghost, Come Back Again by Dan Kois

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