Friday, May 3, 2013


So day 1 of challenge to read an hour a day was a success. I managed to squeeze in about a half hour through out the day in all my little down times and then another full half an hour last night before bed. Now I'm a good chapter and a half further in the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes than I was the day before, rather than just moving forward by a couple of pages at a time like I had been. I'm finding that I love GoodReads free ebook feature. Its making it easy for me to read on the go because I do have my Iphone at pretty much all times so I can take advantages of all those random wait times that tend to come up in the course of a day.

Overall I'm finding myself to be a fan of Sherlock Holmes. Somehow I made it through my entire adolescence without reading through even a small piece of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's work and I'm now realizing what I was missing out on. I've been a fan of the Sherlock movies featuring Robert Downy Jr. and I recently got into the show Elementary, but I had never really thought to seek out the original stories themselves. They really are a great read for pretty much any reading group. Each individual is a nice quick read and basically entirely self contained. But they have that element of surprise which most mystery tales ironically lack. If I manage to stick to my challenge and get through this volume I'll have to seek out all the Sherlock tales. Happy Reading!

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