Sunday, May 5, 2013

Reading Challenge Day 3

So....ok well maybe I only got in about 45-50 minutes of reading today. I got about 10 or so in in the morning and then another solid half an hour in the afternoon and then my evening ended up definitely not being about reading (though I did manage to get quite a few episodes of That 70's Show). I did however, finish The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes! And even if I didn't quite hit my time goal for this challenge, I did finish my 4th book this year towards my goal on GoodReads of completing 20 books this year, a goal I'm hoping to demolish. Next, I'm on to what everybody in the entire country is probably reading either again or for the first time, The Great Gatsby. Considering that I haven't really read it since high school, I want to give it a fresh read through so I have a baseline to judge the movie by. So keep your eyes out a review of Sherlock Holmes and The Great Gatsby! Anybody else manage to make it 3 days?

Happy Reading!

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