Wednesday, May 8, 2013

National Book Foundation Presents the 2013 Innovation in Reading Prizes!

The National Book Foundation (the group that gives out the National Book Awards) announced the 2013 winners of its Innovations in Reading Prizes.  These awards give out up to $2,500 dollars to groups or individuals who have created an innovative means of generating and sustaining a love of reading.  What I thought stood out among the winners this year was the extent to which each of these groups worked to not just connect with and encourage individuals to read but entire communities.

Check out the winners:

City National Bank for Reading is the Way Up (Multiple locations)

Little Free Library (Hudson, WI)

The Uni Project (New York, NY)

The Uprise Books Project (Vancouver, WA)

World Reader (Seattle, WA)

Congrats to the Winners on helping to bring the joy to reading to as many communities as possible!  For more information please check out

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