Saturday, May 4, 2013

Reading Challenge Day 2

So for Day 2, I got in my hour of reading, but just barely. After work yesterday, I must admit that between cooking dinner and watching play-off hockey (yes, book nerds can be sports fans too) most of my evening evaporated pretty quickly. However, I remembered my promise to myself to keep reading and about halfway through the game, (when things started to go downhill for the Sharks) I started to get some reading in on the commercials and in the last couple of intermissions. Now I'm not superstitious and I tend to make fun of sports fans who really think sitting in the exact same spot every time they watch a game helps the team win, but I find it encouraging to think maybe me living up to my own promise to myself helped in their comeback. Just kidding. But I did manage to get in the last half hour of my reading in before bed and jump again much further ahead in Sherlock's adventures. So much so that I think I may be able to finish the tales in my reading for tomorrow.

Has anyone else met their reading challenge for his or herself? Share and let us know if you have!

Happy Reading

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